Jan 24, 2012

Download PC Game - Mahjong Legacy of the Toltecs

Become the greatest Mahjong player as you enter the fantastic world of Mahjong: Legacy of the Toltecs! Download PC Game - Mahjong Legacy of the Toltecs! Search for an ancient powerful artifact that will help you find incredible treasures. Overcome obstacles, obtain the magical mana, and gain honor and fame from your adventures. Take on countless levels full of beautiful graphics, relaxing music, and an intriguing atmosphere in Mahjong: Legacy of the Toltecs! Watch gameplay video!
Master Mahjong!
Search for an artifact
Obtain the mana
Any lovers of Mahjong genre will liked this hilarious and fine-spun PC game Mahjong Legacy of the Toltecs, that will make you solve all kinds of Mahjong mysteries. Bring peace to the Toltecs lands! No matter if you are into fun of your living or of computer Mahjong games, you can't stay indifferent to the light-hearted images and explosive air of Mahjong Legacy of the Toltecs. Just try to complete the first level, and you will love this game! Plenty of groovy sublevels and meeds, light-hearted opportunities and splendid quest in intriguing Mahjong Legacy of the Toltecs PC game will consume the gamers from inception to omega.
System requirements:
HDD: 54 MB
DirectX: 8.0 or above
Windows XP/Vista/7
File Size: 48.20 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz
RAM: 512 MB

Jan 10, 2012

Mystical Island | Free Download PC Game

Mystical Island | Free Download PC Game

Mystical Island Screen
Reunite Rick and Caitlin in Mystical Island, an incredible Hidden Object game! Get Rick off of a tropical island and get him home! With no recollection of his past, it’s up to you to guide Rick and help him regain his memory. Help Caitlin track down her husband and figure out what gave Rick amnesia as you scour gorgeous locations and beautiful scenes. Get Rick off of the Mystical Island and return him to Caitlin!
Mystical Island Screen 1
Mystical Island Screen 3
Mystical Island Screen 2
Mystical Island holds immense features which set it apart from even most enchanting computer games. As about Mystical Island note and images quality, you may try your Hidden Object skills in the most comfortable gaming process settings. This unexceptional PC game Mystical Island is designed by high class screenwriters. Enjoy divine nice scenes as you travel all over Mystical Island kingdom. The breezy Hidden Object exemplar - Mystical Island - received red-blooded ratings from the gaming press all over the world.
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