Aug 7, 2014

[346.63 MB] Download Frankenstein 2: Master of Death PC Game (Final)
Viktor Frankenstein managed to resurrect the dead body, and now his creation broke loose and trying to kill Viktor and his wife Elizabeth! Installed Frankenstein 2 game can be played free during one hour trial period. Then you can delete it or purchase full unlimited version of Frankenstein 2: Master of Death.
Say hello to new game, dedicated to legendary Doctor Frankenstein from Fineway Studios and Jet Dogs Studios! Few days ago you received a letter from Victor Frankenstein, your old friend, in Frankenstein 2: Master of Death PC Game! This letter included invitation to his manor, to help Doctor Frankenstein with the business of the great importance.

When you arrived to Frankenstein’s manor, Victor’s wife Elizabeth met you at the manor’s gate, but suddenly she was attacked by the creepy unnatural man with the eyes glowing green and covered by discharges of electricity. Looks like results of Victor’s experiments in search for the secret of eternal life get out of his control and his creation turned against him!

Download final version of this scientific Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure and save Victor and his wife from his own creation!
  • Meet famous heroes!
  • Incredible art
  • Hours of addicting gameplay!
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In newest gleeful PC game Frankenstein II: Master of Death you must use different bonuses to overcome predicaments on your way through the recital. Frankenstein 2 design will impress any aficionados of dazzling Hidden Object Adventure genre. One storyline twist of Frankenstein 2: Master of Death game randomly morphs into another as you move across a whole lot various exclusive levels. Download this jocund PC game for free and you will take a fancy into charming and extraordinary surroundings of hunky-dory Master of Death game.

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