Jun 7, 2014

[256.73 MB] Download Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir PC Game (Final)

Sandman put Laura’s husband Tim into coma, so it’s time to dive into the world of his dreams and save Tim! Gameplay (matchless and nimble), soundtrack (melodious) and scenery (grand) of zingy PC game Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir will be loved by all players who want to play something famous.
Defeat the Sandman, which occupied dreams of Laura’s husband Tim in Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir PC Game! You defeated Sandman and saved Laura from the never-ending nightmare some time ago, but Sandman promised to return and get his revenge! And now he fulfilled his promise…

Sandman entered dreams of Tim, Laura’s husband and make him his next victim… Just as Laura before, Tim is in coma and you need to dive into the world of his nightmares to save him. Use Laura’s powers, able to stop time, solve twisted riddles of Tim’s worst nightmares! Find all the beholders and defeat the Sandman himself in this nightmarish Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
Game includes:
  • Strategy Guide
  • Wallpapers
  • Concept Art
  • Screensaver
  • Music

Small games, animated videosequence, stirring soundtracks, shocking challenging aims of Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir will tow your attention for a long time. Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir includes not only tricky mind-breakers but also enthralling design. On this heavenly website you can find memorable galaxy's newest PC games, just like Dreamscapes 2.

Title Post: [256.73 MB] Download Dreamscapes 2: Nightmare's Heir PC Game (Final)
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