Dec 18, 2015

[526.46 MB] Download Mystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes PC Game (Final)
After crystalline-lens transplantation your heroine started to see… ghosts! Can you help unrest souls to find peace? Say hello to the superb Hidden Object PC game of all your being - Mystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes.

You have started to see ghosts after crystalline lenses were transplanted into your eyes because of the vision loss inMystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes PC Game from DominiGames!

Due to cataracts in both eyes you were suffering 98% vision loss. Luckily Doctor James completed experimental crystalline-lens transplant successfully! You can see again now! But among usual things to see you also saw ghost of young woman, trying to tell you something! Doctor said it’s just a temporary vision defects, your brain is learning to see again. But when you saw face of that woman in the newspaper, you understood that she’s exists! She died in Australian, Hallstatt, few days ago – at June 27, 2015. Police believes it was an accident but looks like ghost is trying to say she was murdered! So go ahead, travel to Australia and help the spirit of poor woman to find peace in this unique Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Play Match-3 instead of Hidden Object Games if you want!
  • Try to get all achievements!
  • Comprehensive Strategy Guide will be pretty useful!

Different minigames, ravishing and emotional images, wonderful and tuneful music tracks will grab your attention for a long time when you will play Mystery Tales Part IV: Her Own Eyes. Mystery Tales 4: HOE game is one of excellence assignees of facetious Hidden Object, Adventure PC games. Mystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes game is the best in it's class because of fantastic quest and stunning levels. Mystery Tales Four: Her Own Eyes is full of unparalleled opportunities and colossal bonuses as well as of additional secret zones.

Title Post: [526.46 MB] Download Mystery Tales 4: Her Own Eyes PC Game (Final)
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