Sep 11, 2015

[356.71 MB] Download Order of the Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes PC Game (Final)
Kate Morris, star of the “The Last Queen of Egypt” film that expected to attract thousands to the area, including the press, disappeared, and you are the only one who can find her! No matter - are you jeep, who just entered the world of uncommon PC games, or professional gamer - incomparable Order of the Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes game will suit you.

Investigate disappearance of Kate Morris, brightest star of Sanders And Partners film company from Hollywood Land in Order of the Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes PC Game from T1 Games!

During filming “The Last Queen of Egypt” Kate was working with her partner Frank, when during break for five minutes she came in to her makeup room and never came out! Steve Sanders, company owner and film director believes that supernatural is involved. When you arrived, you found in Kate’s room in filming pavilion strange substance and writing “Kate belongs to me now! You’ll never find her!” Everyone says that last days Kate was acting strange, she was disorganized and broken. But who you will suspect, her partner Frank, director, or Steve Sanders, local handyman in love? Or something supernatural really happened?

Second installment of Order of the Light series will reveal truth about love behind the scenes in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure… but only if you will be persistent enough!
  • Use deduction skills to find out more about suspects!
  • Reach maximum points to get best high-score!
  • Gather all possible achievements onto three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold!

Advanced mesmerizing comfortable game process, fine relaxing melody and fineness flamboyant graphic arts in zingy Puzzle / Hidden Object / Adventure PC game Order of the Light 2 will be appreciated by all players who dream to play something glistening and splendid. Order of the Light Episode Two: Love Behind the Scenes isn't revolutionary, but it's obvious that creators put plenty of efforts and time into this interesting Adventure/Puzzle/Hidden Object PC game. Both premium portraiture and refined descant in gleeful Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes PC game are modern, there's nothing to complain about. You can download for free and relish with this convivial PC game Order of the Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes.

Title Post: [356.71 MB] Download Order of the Light 2: Love Behind the Scenes PC Game (Final)
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