Aug 1, 2016

[561.48 MB] Download Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal PC Game (Final)
Dive into the heart of an unbelievable investigation. Time's running out, can you solve this mystery? Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal will be appreciated by all Mac, PC gamers, who wish to play something sumptuous in spectacular HOPA genre.
Sicily, early 1900s...

The grandson of a renowned antique store owner arrives in Palermo to visit his grandfather. When he gets to the city, he discovers his grandfather's store has been vandalized and that the old man has disappeared.

On the ground, he finds a troubling note regarding a midnight Mass that is to be held the very same evening. The young man decides to follow this lead and unknowingly he plunges into a mysterious quest.

Dive into the heart of an unbelievable investigation set against stunning Italian backdrops. Make your way through many hidden object scenes and solve the increasingly challenging puzzles. Your time is limited, so warm up those gray cells!

Of course all admirers of Hidden Object/Puzzle genre will like this unreal and magnificent PC/Mac game Mediterranean Cabal; it will force you to solve all kinds of Hidden Object, Puzzle, Adventure enigmas. And designers of Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal Mac PC game created ritzy look and feel of enchanting Hidden Object / Adventure Mac PC game by fine pictures. Occultus: M-Cabal involves a whole lot unequaled problems. They are not very knotty, but not totally easy too. As the representative of the next-gen casual Hidden Object / Adventure / Puzzle games, Mediterranean Cabal Occultus has ravishing video sequence and will keep you overjoyed from outbreak to colophon.

Title Post: [561.48 MB] Download Occultus: Mediterranean Cabal PC Game (Final)
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