Aug 16, 2011

Mystic Gallery | Mac Game

Mystic Gallery | Mac Game
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Find Hidden Objects on great paintings and train your artistic skills to become the master restorer of a Mystic Gallery! Use a unique device, the Wheel of Skill, to play marvellous minigames and earn your diploma from a fantastic art school. Repair some of the most famous paintings of all times as you work towards success. Can you breathe new life into these damaged masterpieces? Give it your best shot in Mystic Gallery!

Mystic Gallery - Mac Image 3

System requirements:

Mac OS: 10.4

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Hard Drive: 71 Mb

Mystic Gallery - Mac Image 2
In Mystic Gallery computer game you will play through a fat lot cute placements with a fat lot cryptic challenges for you as an advanced Hidden Object player. You will be hit by the polished completion of this peaceful Hidden Object Mac game and after the Mystic Gallery completion you for sure will desire to play this classy Mac game again and again. All: entrancing light soundtracks, hunky-dory high-resolution video sequence, and ritzy script with groovy and a fat lot various storyline aims are will be found in this merry Mac game Mystic Gallery, so play it and have fun!
Mystic Gallery - Mac Image 1


- Wonderful artwork to restore

- Marvelous minigames

- Become a master restorer!

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