Aug 9, 2011

QBeez 2 - Mac Game

QBeez 2 - Mac Game
Go to download page: QBeez 2 - Mac Game
The adorable stars of one of the most popular puzzle games around are back! And this time, they’ve brought a few friends! Join the colorful Qbeez on Q’s Quest where you’ll be introduced to twelve puzzle elements, including explosive bombs, buzzing bees, chomping fish and more. Challenge your matching skills in Classic Mode or bend your brain in Puzzle mode. You can even create your own QBeez puzzles in the easy to use Puzzle Maker. Qbeez together – again!
- 2 gameplay modes.
- Create your own puzzles.
- Progressively challenging.
Filesize: 26.24 Mb
System requirements:
Mac OS: 10.4
CPU: 800 Mhz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 31 MB
QBeez 2 - Mac Game Picture 1
QBeez 2 - Mac Game Picture 2
QBeez 2 - Mac Game Picture 3
QBeez 2 is colossal and ripping Mac game with jocund opportunities, more than enough trophies and additional sinuous objectives. QBeez 2 also features some challenging and addictive sublevels and bonus objectives. All worshippers of Match 3 genre will undoubtedly like QBeez 2. No matter - are you apprentice, who just entered the macrocosm of beautiful computer games, or pro-gamer - ambrosian QBeez 2 Mac game will suit you.
Go to download page: QBeez 2 - Mac Game

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