Oct 18, 2011

Cart Cow Mac Game

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Control a Cart Cow in this incredible Puzzle game! Draw a path for Lazy Linda’s shopping cart and help her get to the exit! After falling off of a cattle truck, Lazy Linda must ride an old shopping cart home. Beware of angry animals and other obstacles that might get in your way in Cart Cow, a perplexing Puzzle game! Collect helpful items and power up your cart and cow as you help Linda return home.
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This new incomparable Mac game Cart Cow is intended to the whole family, including little ones and teenage. If you have some problems in solving Cart Cow conundrums, you may use hints. There are also mini-games. Cart Cow proves to be a real treat to the worshipers of Arcade & Action games. Or if your eyes need rest from the other casual genres you are welcome to this sunny Cart Cow game! Be sure: affecting soundtracks, unequaled excellence the best visuals, and memorable, bogging story of Cart Cow Mac game will capture all players, who love to play super-duper Arcade & Action Mac games.
Fantastic gameplay
Control a Cart Cow!
Unlockable medals
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System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
FileSize: 9.07 MB
Mac OS: 10.6
Hard Drive: 14 MB

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