Oct 11, 2011

Play PC Game: NagiQ

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After Nagi accidentally hits an old book with his soccer ball, it’s up to him to recover the mystic letters! Come up with words that use the mystic letters in NagiQ to succeed. Master this tricky Word game and return the mysterious book to its former place before it’s too late! Travel to different islands and master the different rules while getting the highest score you can!
System requirements:
CPU: 800 Mhz
Hard Drive: 43 MB
Flie Size: 28.42 MB
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
DirectX: 9.0
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  1. Unique gameplay
  2. Exciting action
  3. Recover the mystic letters!
NagiQ is the electric PC game with emotive harmonic chime and high-quality emotional portraiture. Aforementioned NagiQ game is better then others, setting, created with more than enough anfractuous challenges and mind-breakers, reminding of playing old marvelous console games. Not only engaging narration but also joyful design of NagiQ PC game and enhancing usable setup will make precious merriment for all neophytes of Word games. You can play more than enough emotional games like NagiQ at http://wholovegames.com.
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