Nov 8, 2011

Burn the Rope | Mac Game Full version

Burn the Rope Screenshot
Feed the fire to Burn the Rope and progress through different levels in this perplexing Puzzle game! Plan ahead and plot your moves carefully to proceed. Keep the flame alive by expertly guiding its path and using the special abilities of different bugs. With mesmerizing fire effects and gorgeous graphics, Burn the Rope will have you intrigued for hours and hours! Can you master the flames and solve the countless puzzles?
Burn the Rope Screenshot 3
Burn the Rope Screenshot 1
New superior Mac game Burn the Rope has been designed by top class authors and has nimble understandable chapter, straightforward and jovial nimble interface. Just in case you were looking for something good to give to your young ones to play, you should know that dainty Burn the Rope Mac game is what you are looking for. There are some sly maps, where you search for many bounties. If you ever tried to play any Puzzle Mac game, Burn the Rope will be easy for you. Players of any age will kvell with this colourful, enthralling good Mac game Burn the Rope.
System requirements:
Hard Drive: 38 MB
RAM: 256 MB
Mac OS: 10.5
Burn the Rope Screenshot 2
  1. Make sure to Burn the Rope!
  2. Use special bugs
  3. Feed the fire

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