Nov 29, 2011

Throne of Olympus | PC

Throne of Olympus Picture
Help Athena defeat the other gods and take over the Throne of Olympus in this incredible Match 3 game! Zeus, the king of the Gods, has decided to pass the throne on to the younger gods. After careful consideration, he has finally chosen his daughter, Athena, to become his successor. Help Athena prove that she is worthy of the throne as you battle powerful Olympian Gods, mythical creatures, and claim the Throne of Olympus!
Throne of Olympus Picture 3
This new high-spirited PC game Throne of Olympus is intended to the whole family, including small children and adolescents. If you have some problems in solving Throne of Olympus mind-breakers, you may use hints. There are also mini-games. Throne of Olympus proves to be a real divertissement to the devotees of Match 3 games. Or if your eyes need rest from the other casual genres you are welcome to this festive Throne of Olympus game! Be sure: ritzy sounding, original the best pleasing to the eye drawing, and dandy, unsurpassed screenplay of Throne of Olympus PC game will attract all players, who love to play popular Match 3 PC games.
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System requirements:
DirectX: 9.0 or above
Windows XP/Vista/7
RAM: 1024 MB
CPU: 1.2 GHz
HDD: 173 MB
  1. Defeat the other gods!
  2. Take on mythical creatures
  3. Master elemental attacks

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