Sep 13, 2011

Download Game: Vagrant Hearts

Download Game: Vagrant Hearts
Download page: Download Game: Vagrant Hearts
Scarllet and Beatrice are about to start a journey that will change their lives forever in Vagrant Hearts! After their mother dies from a fatal illness, the two sisters have become extremely close. Discovering that Beatrice has developed the ability to cure people just by touching them, a special organization has sent out a guardian to take the sisters on a new adventure!

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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

CPU: 1.0 GHz

RAM: 256 MB

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 96 Mb

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- Incredible storyline

- Fantastic action

- Go on a wild adventure!

Vagrant Hearts is No. 1 PC game with peaceful, melodious air and high quality depictions. First of all we'd like to introduce you to the game play of this tremendous PC game called Vagrant Hearts. The jocular photoplay and unexceptional design makes Vagrant Hearts PC game the best in it's class. Vagrant Hearts will pleasantly entertain all worshipers of ambrosian Strategy genre. So, you can start to play Vagrant Hearts, win plenty prizes and find enjoyment. Good luck!
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