Sep 7, 2011

Hidden World - PC Game Complete version

Hidden World - PC Game Complete version
Download page: Hidden World - PC Game Complete version

An evil wizard has attacked the Hidden World, a kingdom of beauty and enchantment, leaving a path of destruction in his wake! Your mission: Gather the forces of good and repair the broken land one village at a time! As you collect the resources you need, you must also fend off the wizard’s followers, employ powerups that give your workers a boost, and complete the renovations before time runs out. The citizens of Hidden World are counting on you, so don’t delay!

- Incredible gameplay

- Fantastic storyline

- Restore a broken land!

Filesize: 142.15 Mb

System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7

CPU: 1.2 GHz

DirectX: 9.0

Hard Drive: 155 Mb
Hidden World Picture 1
Hidden World Picture 2
Hidden World Picture 3

In Hidden World computer game you will play through tons of cute places with tons of enigmatical jobs for you as an advanced Time Management player. You will be amazed by the magnificent colophon of this cool Time Management PC game and after the Hidden World colophon you for sure will dream to play this bang-on PC game again and again. All: No. 1 tender sound design, cute high-resolution pictures, and affecting tale with unsurpassed and tons of undreamt-of storyline brain teasers are will be found in this larky PC game Hidden World, so play it and find enjoyment!
Download page: Hidden World - PC Game Complete version

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